President’s Message


When I moved home to Nova Scotia in 2018 after nearly 20 years working in western Canada and internationally, I didn’t figure I’d be writing an “incoming President’s Message” for the 2021 APGNS term. I initially agreed to join Council to learn more about the local market and regulations, to network with fellow Geoscientists, and to give back to the profession that has provided me with numerous opportunities throughout my career. And while my involvement with APGNS has satisfied those initial goals, it’s also opened my eyes to the challenges and opportunities that a self-regulated professional association must navigate to stay relevant and meaningful for its Members and the profession.

We’ve all heard the line “the one constant in life is change”, and we’ve certainly seen that play out over the past year. Whether it’s in relation to climate, politics, digitization, energy transitions, or the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all been impacted by the various changes that have been taking place, both personally and professionally. Despite the challenges these changes bring, they also force us to adjust and adapt. It’s through that lens that I see opportunities for our Association and the role we play in our Province. Ensuring our Members are equipped with the tools and resources to navigate the ever-changing landscape ahead of us will be crucial in the coming years, and we’ve been making progress to ensure that happens. With a new Act and Regulations on the horizon, increased involvement through council and committees, increased participation in public engagements, revamping of our communications/website/social media, and other initiatives already in play, we are hopeful that these changes equate to future success for APGNS, our Members, and the general public. Strengthening our regulation and providing value to our Members will continue to be the primary goal of APGNS over the next year.

My time spent with the Association has been a great experience thus far. Seeing the dedication that folks like David, Jeff, Kim, Gavin, Bev, Belinda, and others have for their profession and the Association has been inspiring and motivated me to agree to take a term as President for APGNS. Thank you to the nominating committee for considering me for the position, and to outgoing councilors for their service (Matthew Harrington, P.Geo. – Councilor) and to the incoming councilors for their commitment (Robert Cuthbert, P.Geo. – Vice President, James Reeves, P.Geo. – Councilor, Rick Gagne, P.Geo., FGC – Councilor, Mike Power, P.Geo. – Councilor). APGNS relies on the time and efforts of our Members and our council and committees are only as successful as the effort we put in.

I look forward to continuing to work with the aforementioned, as well as returning councilors and committee members, over the next year to further our efforts to date and continue to set up APGNS for future success. I would encourage all Members to reach out to myself, David, or the incoming council with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have for the upcoming year. Here’s to a great year ahead (and for a shot in the arm so we can meet in person sooner than later!).

Respectfully Submitted,
Dan Parker, P.Geo, FGC
APGNS President 2021-2022