Practical Geocommunication

Through Geoscientists Canada, Geoscientists Nova Scotia has acquired a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunity which allows all our registrants FREE access to Geologize’s critically acclaimed course ‘Practical Geocommunication’ – note that this is normally a US$450 per person value.  As the course is on-demand, you can sign up now and start at any point that suits you.

The Geocommunications training helps geoscientists become more effective and powerful public ambassadors for geoscience. This skill is more important today than ever as professionals communicate with broad audiences about the effects and mitigation of climate change; impart knowledge concerning critical minerals; communicate with various stakeholder groups; inspire the next generation of geoscientists in the face of declining post-secondary geoscience enrolment; and so many other important topics.


Geoscientists Nova Scotia’s unique access code is: apgns-pggz-2224

1) Go to

2) Click on ‘ACCESS’
3) Register (Free), using your professional/institutional address.
4) Click on the link ‘Have a coupon?’
5) Enter the code above. This will apply the discount.
6) Enjoy the course!

The coupon code is limited to use by the members of Geoscientists Nova Scotia.  Periodic checks will made by the course developer to ensure the code is not being shared outside our membership.

Those enrolled follow the course at their own pace, with the ability to save and continue at any point. This approximately 10-hour course has video lessons, quizzes, brief assignments, and the opportunity to interact directly with Dr. Haydon Mort, the course instructor, through the forums. A certificate is provided at the end of the course.