Notice to Members

Paperless Operation

In early November 2020, APGNS Registrants (Members, Licensees, Members-in-Training and corporate Certificate holders) will have received a notice and invoice regarding annual renewal.  APGNS has moved to a paperless operation to streamline the renewal process, so, as in previous years, renewals will be emailed to the current address in the Register.  If you have changed your email address, please update your contact information. 

Please note that it is the Registrant’s responsibility to ensure that their professional fees are paid and their annual Continuing Professional Development reporting is up to date on or before Dec 31st of the current calendar year.  If you do not receive an invoice please contact the Registrar and we will re-issue the invoice.

You can pay fees online using this link

Note that to ensure the security of the system, user names and passwords are not stored and they are not retrievable. Please create a new identity to make payments. Alternatively, payments may be made my cheque and regular mail to the address below.

For the 2021 registration year Members and Licensees will see an increase of approximately 6% in their professional fees. This is the first increase to professional fees since 2013 and it represents the on-going cost of operations. In order for the Association to function effectively it is important that the professional fees and service charges shall, as far as is practicable, ensure that the Association has the ability to meet the mandate of the Geoscience Profession Act, specifically, to protect the public through the regulation of geoscience practice and the registration of geoscience practitioners.

Registrants should be aware that there are on-going legal costs associated with the revision of the Geoscience Profession Act, the introduction of the Geoscience Practice Regulations, and the development of by-laws. The next steps in that process will include stakeholder consultation, finalizing the documents, and submission of the Act to the Legislature and the Regulations to Governor in Council, all with associated legal consultation. Additionally, the Geoscientists Canada per member assessment fees will increase by 10% in 2021, there are on-going costs for the 3rd Party Liability Insurance program paid by the Association, and the increased costs associated with the assessment of applications for registration, both international and Canadian.

With the approved increase in fees, APGNS members will be paying close to the average fees paid by professional geoscientists across Canada (average $400.00, with a range of $265.00 to $625.00). APGNS is the smallest geoscience regulator in Canada and thus has a smaller member base to draw upon. An important aspect of the Association’s function is to offer the equivalent level of protection to the public and service to you our members.