Firstly, I would like to thank the Nominating Committee for asking me to join the Executive and allowing me to continue on a path to President, I appreciate the opportunity. This will be my fourth year with our Association and looking back it has been a steep learning curve to better understand our history, our mandate and the many on-going issues.

I see volunteering my time for our Association, not just as an opportunity to give back, but as an opportunity to meet new contacts and be a part of the decisions that affect our Association, our membership and our industry. Like most of us, balancing a busy work, life and volunteer schedule can be a challenge, I have been fortunate to have employers who see the benefit of active engagement with our Association and other industry associations as opportunity for personal growth which doesn’t just benefit myself, but benefits my employer as well. As we move forward, I would encourage you as members to try and find a way to get engaged with our Committees, Boards or Council.

To the Councilors who are finishing up their term (Rick Gagne, P.Geo., Roxanne Tate, P.Eng., Maylia Parker, P.Geo., and Belinda Culgin, P.Geo.), it has been a pleasure working with you, on behalf of Council, I thank you for your efforts. To the new Councilors who are joining us (Matt Harrington, P.Geo., Dan Parker, P.Geo., Robert Cuthbert and George Goad, P.Eng.), I look forward to working with you in the year ahead.

With the regular daily issues our Council and Executive Director and Registrar are faced with, it is important occasionally to take a step back and review our Strategic Plan and priorities. After an initial five-year timeframe, our Strategic Plan was updated through a planning session in the fall of 2017 and another five-year plan was developed. Our key overarching strategic priorities for the coming year remain:
• Value for Members
• Licensure Awareness, Compliance and Enforcement
• Awareness of the Profession and the Association
• Good Governance.

Rightfully, Value for Members is a topic that is brought up regularly and discussed at Council. While the social events and affinity programs are an important part of this, our Strategic Priorities of Licensure Awareness, Compliance, Enforcement and Governance all create value for our members as well by enhancing the value of our right to title and license to practice.

In the year ahead, compliance, enforcement and awareness will remain as key priorities. Value for our members and growth in membership should result from these ongoing efforts. As well, student awareness and engagement will continue through Council and our active Student Committee.

To maintain on-going communication with our members, regular newsletters will continue. Should there be anything you wish to discuss, we encourage you to reach out to myself, members of Council or our Executive Director and Registrar.

Respectfully Submitted,
Isenor, P.Geo