As we start a new year of APGNS Council, I would like to thank outgoing Council members (Chrystal
Kennedy, P.Geo, FGC, Gavin Isenor, P.Geo and Carl Makrides, P.Geo) for volunteering their time and effort. It has been great working with you! I would also like to welcome the new Council members (Kelsey O’Brien, P.Geo, John
Kosuskanich, P.Geo and Jeff Parks, P.Geo, FGC – APGNS past-President and Director to Geoscientists Canada) as well as Elizabeth McIsaac as they join/re-join our team.

Volunteering for Council, or any of our Boards and Committees, is a great way to give back to the organization! By becoming an active member, you also have first-hand knowledge of how Professional Associations like ours are self-governed and how things progress behind the scenes, including at the national level.

A few years ago, we came together (as Past Presidents, Council and Practicing Members) to align our
vision and priorities for the Association. Out of this process, a five-year strategic plan was created which
included multi-year strategic priorities that could then be translated into action items with rough
timelines and accountability. The 2012-2017 Strategic Plan has governed the Association since that time
and, in 2017, we collectively put our heads together once again to review and prioritize the Plan (to see
what was working, what had been completed, what should be carried forward, etc.). The latest version
of the Plan (2017-2022) was then distributed for member comments and feedback in October 2017.

Overall, the Strategic Priority Areas and Objectives are:
1. Value for Members,
2. Licensure Awareness, Compliance and Enforcement,
3. Awareness of the Profession and the Association, and
4. Good Governance.

In relation to Good Governance (For the Association to be more influential and strongly positioned as
the regulator of the Geoscience profession in Nova Scotia), we had planned to have the new Geoscience
Profession Act in play. However, since this has been held up (indefinitely), in consultation with our
legal counsel, we continue to govern using our updated policies and procedures.

As many of the strategic initiatives are ongoing, as a returning President, I hope to bring some of my
personal past experiences and knowledge to the table and keep the momentum going to move items
forward. One that is of particular importance to everyone is Value for Members (to enhance member
recognition and satisfaction with the benefits of professional registration). To this end, the Professional
Development Committee has organized and hosted various events in relation to CPD, our Executive
Director and Communications Committee bring together and circulate the GeoGazette newsletter and other information to the membership, and the Awards Committee nominates and presents awards for service and achievement to fellow P.Geos. (as we have seen today).

We, as Council, continue to be welcome to your ideas and suggestions in relation to these strategic
priorities, so please reach out! Let’s keep the lines of communication open as we move forward and do
what we can (individually) to raise awareness of our profession in Nova Scotia and the requirement for
professional registration to practice.

Beverley Smith, P.Geo., FGC