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I'm pleased to have recently transitioned into the role of President of the Association.  I’ve been an active member of the Environment Committee for a number of years and more recently a member of the Executive Committee.  What has surprised me the most with the recent years of involvement is simply the amount of change that we have been faced with.  
There are a number of significant issues in play on a local, regional and  national level that certainly have the potential to impact our membership. Geoscientists Canada is undertaking an exercise that involves organizational and structural changes that may limit the validity of our input as a small geoscience-only association (i.e. an increased number of proportionate votes would be assigned to the larger associations).  The importance of registration practices in light of the Agreement on Internal Trade has been highlighted to all associations and professions similar to ours.   This has required us to review and update application processing, evaluation and registration procedures as the movement of members between provinces, and the issuance of licenses to practice have become commonplace.  The concept of competencies and competency-based admissions processes has been introduced to several of the professions, Geoscience included.  We will continue to monitor these issues and keep you informed.   
Along with this, we have seen our level of membership grow, in terms of individuals, licenses to practice and most significantly, the number of corporate certificates of authorization.  A great deal of effort was expensed by preceding presidents, executive members and councillors to clearly plan and focus our efforts, with the underlying goals being to raise awareness of the profession as a whole, and to increase the number of registered professionals in Nova Scotia. And although we remain a smaller, autonomous association on a national scale, it is enviable to see some success in this regard.  Our Association’s administrative support has also undergone some reorganization, all in effort to find some efficiencies in our day to day operations.  
We can’t stress enough the importance of all volunteers within the Association that do keep it running, and keep us out in front of the key issues.  A key component of my initial message here is to extend an acknowledgement and high degree of gratitude to all of those that volunteer their time on our behalf.
Kindest regards,

Scott McCarthy, P.Geo.