Association Acts

Governance and Act Revision

The proposed Geoscience Profession Act has been released for member and stakeholder review and comment.  Our Legal Counsel has prepared a briefing note which highlights several key features of the proposed Act and Regulations.   

A members meeting was held in November 2013 to vote on the final version for submission to the government. Some minor wording is currently being edited and it is now anticipated that the Act and the Regulations will be submitted to the Nova Scotia Legislature for the Fall 2014 sitting of the Legislature.

Starting in Fall 2014 the Governance Committee will begin reviewing and updating the By-laws of Association.

Please forward questions or comments or letters of support to:

David Carter, P.Geo., FGC, Executive Director and Registrar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Current Geoscience Profession Act: Bill 117

pdf   APGNS By-Laws