Certificates of Authorization (CofA)
Updated March 20, 2020.

Certificate # Company
CA-001 Hy-Grade Geoscience
CA-003 Englobe (formerly LVM / Maritime Testing Ltd)
CA-004 CBCL Limited
CA-005 Arc Geobac Group Inc
CA-006 GHD
CA-007 Mercator Geological Services Ltd
CA-008 Tower Resources Inc
CA-009 Pinchin Ltd.
CA-011 Hudgtec Consulting Ltd
CA-012 earth-water Concepts inc
CA-013 Fracflow Consultants Inc
CA-016 Strum Environmental
CA-018 H20GEO Environmental Services
CA-019 Wood plc (formerly AMEC)
CA-022 Stantec Consulting Ltd
CA-023 Fundy Engineering & Consulting Ltd
CA-024 Atlantic Petrophysics Limited
CA-025 Dillon Consulting Limited
CA-026 E. Macdonald Geoconsulting Limited
CA-029 GeoSpatial Strategy Group Inc.
CA-031 WSP Canada Inc. (formerly Genivar)
CA-032 Pario Eng & Enviro Sciences
CA-033 AECOM Canada Ltd
CA-035 Atlantic Mining NS Corporation
CA-042 McGregor Geoscience
CA-044 Halle Geological Services Ltd.
CA-046 Burton Geological Exploration Inc.
CA-048 Avalon Advanced Materials Inc.
CA-052 Atlantic Water Investigations Ltd.
CA-053 Stea Surficial Geology Services
CA-054 Purearth Systems
CA-056 Elements Environmental
CA-057 Atlantis Watershed Consultants Ltd
CA-058 New Road Resources Ltd.
CA-064 Terrane Geoscience Inc
CA-065 2501023 NS Ltd (GoGold Res/Maximos Metals)
CA-066 Anaconda Mining Inc.
CA-069 Northern Shield Resources
CA-070 EFI Global
CA-071 Stevens Geophysics Inc.
CA-072 Caledonia GeoConsulting Inc.
CA-073 Minnow Environmental Inc.
CA-077 O'Kane Consultants
CA-078 AMK Geoscience Ltd.
CA-079 ClearView Geophysics Inc
CA-080 Morien Resources Corp.

Please contact the Registrar for confirmation of registration.