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IAH Atlantic Seminar Presentation
Monday 23 April 2018, 19:00 - 21:00

Dr. Victor Bense
Associate Professor of Hydrogeology at Wageningen University in the Netherlands

Talk outline:  Measurements of subsurface temperature conditions have the potential to give quantitative insight in a plethora of geological, climatological and hydrogeological processes. For depths larger than a few meters, boreholes are accessed to obtain temperature-depth profiles that reach to up to several kilometers. However, unraveling the relative contribution of the suite of processes that impact the subsurface temperature regime remains a serious challenge. This talk will focus on understanding the interaction between groundwater flow and the ongoing impacts of ground surface warming both as a result of a warming atmosphere as well as urbanisation. Examples will be shown of how temperature-depth data that are affected by surface warming can efficiently be used to assess groundwater recharge conditions on a regional scale, and locally in the vicinity of groundwater abstraction sites. Strategies will be discussed to interpret temperature data for groundwater flow that are impacted by surface warming.

Bio - Dr. Victor Bense completed has Ph.D. in 2004, at the Free University, Amsterdam. His research was related to the influence of faulting on groundwater flow in loosely consolidated sediments. He then spent 11 years in the US and the UK working on topics such as permafrost hydrogeology, the use of Distributed Temperature Sensing in hydrogeological applications, and thermal hydrogeology. He is a co-author on a textbook on Hydrogeology published by Wiley-Blackwell.

Location Milligan Room, 8th Floor Biology-Earth Sciences Wing (Room 8007), Life Sciences Centre, Dalhousie University