Writing the Professional Practice Exam

Geoscientists Nova Scotia recommends enrolling in the one day Professional Practice Workshop presented by Engineers Nova Scotia. The $200 fee for the workshop is payable to Engineers Nova Scotia (visit www.engineersnovascotia.ca for more information).

Exam Dates

Year NPPE Date Registration Deadline
2020 Feburary 3-5 December 19, 2019
April 24 February 28
June 26 May 1
September 14-16 July 17
Novemeber 23-25 October 9


The fee for writing the NPPE in Nova Scotia is $ 275.00 plus HST.   If writing outside of Nova Scotia, additional fees are required, with fees payable in Canadian Funds (please refer to table below).  Make your cheque or money order payable to “Geoscientists Nova Scotia.” Payments by credit card for the full amount (including applicable taxes) can be made on our secure Payments page.

  Fees HST Total Payable
Writing in Nova Scotia   $ 275.00   $ 41.25   $ 316.25
Within Canada   $ 375.00   $ 56.25   $ 431.25
Within USA   $ 400.00    
Overseas   $ 450.00    

Additional Information / Application Forms