Knowledge Requirements

Geoscientists Nova Scotia has since 2001 followed the recommendations of the Canadian Geoscience Standards Board (CGSB), Geoscientists Canada (GC) for the Knowledge and Exerpeince requirements for admission as a registered Professional Geoscientist.

Three streams exist for registration as a professional geoscientist in Nova Scotia.

They are:

  •     Geology,
  •     Environmental Geoscience,
  •     Geophysics.

Each stream requires minimum total of 27 Educational Units (EU):

  •     3 from Compulsory Foundation Science (1A);
  •     6 from Additional Foundation Science (1B);
  •     4 from Compulsory Foundation Geoscience (2A);
  •     5 from Additional Foundation Geoscience (2B);
  •     9 from Other Geoscience / Science (2C).

A one-semester course will typically count as one EU. 

Visit our Forms page to download a self-evaluation worksheet, and view the current Geoscientists Canada Knowledge and Experience Requirements (GKE).