How to Apply

  1. Download and read the Geoscience Knowledge and Experience Requirements (the “GKE”) for Professional Registration in Canada.
  2. Download the Geoscientists Nova Scotia Self Evaluation Worksheet and fill in your information.
    • This will help you to figure out if you have all of the required academic courses to qualify for registration. You will need a copy of your transcript, course syllabus, or a good working knowledge of the courses you have taken.
    • List the courses that you have taken under the appropriate categories in Part 2.
    • Courses are measured in “Educational Units”, or EUs. A one-semester course will typically count as one EU. Consult the Academic Assessment Guide and the GKE for more detail.
    • Having read these documents, if you are still unsure whether a specific course qualifies as an EU, contact the
  3. The Self Evaluation should indicate which application is right for you:
    • Member (You meet all requirements, including work experience).
    • Member in Training (You meet the academic requirements but you need additional work experience).
    • Student Member (You need additional courses to meet the Knowledge Requirements – note that student registration is free and provides access to APGNS information and activities as well as contact with the members).
  4. Download the Application Form and fill in your information.
    • Attach an up-to-date, signed and dated resume.
    • Provide the name and contact information for at least four professional references (see page 4 of the Application).
    • MITs need provide only 2 references.
  5. Calculate your fees and attach them to the Application.
    • Include the Annual Member Fee + Stamp Fee + Application Fee.
    • Check the current Fee Schedule on our Forms Page.
    • You can also pay on-line using our secure Payments tool.
  6. Order transcripts of all college and university courses completed, and have them sent directly to APGNS from the College or University Registrar’s office.
  7. Prepare a cover letter and include any other information which may assist the Admissions Board in evaluating your application.
  8. Present evidence of legal residence in Canada by providing a copy of one of the following:
    • The picture page of your passport.
    • A Ministerial permit.
    • Legal entry into Canada.
    • Provincial or territorial health card.
  9. Assemble your application and mail it to the address indicated on the Application Form (APGNS does not offer on-line application at this time). Make sure that you have included:
    • Application for Membership.
    • Resume/CV.
    • Fees.
    • Covering letter/additional information.
    • Evidence of legal residence.
  10. Read about the National Professional Practice Exam (NPPE).
    • The NPPE is offered quarterly by APGNS.
    • Applicants for registration are required to successfully complete the NPPE before they can be approved for membership.
    • MIT’s are eligible to take the NPPE if they have completed at least 24 months of approved geoscience work experience.
    • Visit the Forms page to download the application, order study materials, or attend an NPPE preparation course through Engineers Nova Scotia.
    • Apply and write the exam.

What Happens Next?

  • The Registrar will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your application.
  • The Admissions Board will review your file and the Registrar will contact you with any questions or requests for further information.
  • The Admissions Board will make a recommendation to the APGNS Council regarding the success of your application, conditional on the results of the NPPE exam.
  • The Registrar will receive and review the results of your NPPE exam.
  • The Registrar will notify you of the Council’s decision.
  • Please be prepared to allow 6 to 8 months for processing of your application. The Admissions Board will take this time to consider your individual file with care and in detail.