Practice standards

Phased ESA Professional Practice Guideline

Updated March 9, 2020:

Changes have been made to the Contaminated Sites Regulations to streamline the process for professionals who manage cleanups. The following forms have new signature requirements:

⦁ Notification (FRM-100): only require the signature of the person providing notice.

⦁ Declaration of Property Condition (FRM-701): only requires the signature of the site professional.

⦁ Record of Site Condition (FRM-700): requires the signature of the site professional. If the site is closed conditionally, a signature will also be required from a property owner.

Geoscience Professional Practice Guideline for Conducting Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments in Nova Scotia

This document provides a technical and operational practice guideline for professionals in conducting an environmental site assessment (ESA) in Nova Scotia. It is intended to develop and maintain a consistent standard of practice to protect the public and articulate a common level of expectation. It is not intended to be, and should not be expected to be prescriptive or all-encompassing of environmental site assessment methodology or equipment or procedures. However, it should form the basis for competent professional practice and for the evaluation and application of new practices.

This guideline also incorporates reference to the specific requirements of the Nova Scotia Environment (NSE), Contaminated Sites Regulations (the “Regulations”) and the associated Ministerial Protocols (the “Protocols”), made under the Nova Scotia Environment Act.

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