Association Acts

Governance and Act Revision

The Association has been working on updates to governance documents and practices for several years in order to be in compliance with federal and provincial legislation. The proposed revisions to the Geoscience Profession Act as well as the new Geoscience Practice Regulations have been released for member and stakeholder review and comment and have been approved.

The documents have been developed in cooperation with the Department of Energy and Mines, Regulatory and Strategic Policy Group, and they have been reviewed by the Department of Justice and the Department of Labour and Advanced Education. Our legal counsel has prepared a briefing note which highlights several key features of the proposed revised Act and Regulations.

The proposed revised Act and the Regulations have been submitted to the Cabinet and are available for inclusion on the next available order paper for submission to the Nova Scotia Legislature.

It is understood that on acceptance of the Act and Regulations the Governance Committee will begin reviewing and updating the by-laws of Association.

Current Geoscience Profession Act: Bill 117
Proposed Revisions Association Act