Annual Awards

Geoscientists Nova Scotia makes awards annually at the AGM in March. Congratulations to our award recipients.

Excellence in Geoscience Award Recipients

2020 Christopher E. White, Ph.D., P.Geo. 2019 Brent Cox, P.Geo., FGC 2018 Mark King, Ph.D., P.Geo 2017 Charles T. Schafer, Ph.D, P.Geo. 2014 Michael Cullen, P.Geo. 2013 Fred Baechler, P.Geo. 2011 Greg Isenor, P.Geo. 2010 David Macfarlane, P.Geo. 2009 Heather Cross, P.Geo., FGC. 2008 Jim Reeves, P.Geo.

Exemplary Service Award Recipients

2021 Bev Smith, P.Geo, FGC 2019 Marcos Zentilli, Ph.D., P.Geo. 2018 Paul Batson, P.Geo., FGC 2017 Diane Webber, P.Geo., FGC 2016 Andrew D Cameron, P.Geo., FGC 2014 Cliff Stanley, P.Geo., FGC 2012 Theresa Rushton, P.Geo., FGC 2011 Peter Webster, P.Geo. 2010 Pat Ryall, P.Geo., FGC 2009 Jordan Mooers, P.Geo.

Excellence in Geoscience

Concept and Conditions The award is established to honor an eminent and exemplary member of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Nova Scotia (APGNS) who is also a valuable contributing member of the Nova Scotia, Canadian or global geoscience community. It is awarded to a Professional Geoscientist to recognize outstanding contribution to the development and/or practice of professional geoscience, who advances public recognition of the practice of professional geoscience in Nova Scotia, and does so with the high levels of dedication and integrity. The Award is normally given to an outstanding Professional Geoscientist in mid to late career, however outstanding candidates who have retired and are therefore no longer practicing are also eligible. The candidate will have been actively engaged in the practice of geoscience and must have been registered as a member of APGNS for greater than 2 years. Current members of APGNS Council are excluded from receiving the Award while serving Council, and the Award will not be awarded posthumously. Award nominations will be evaluated according to the following major categories:
  • Excellence in Geoscience: 70% Outstanding technical accomplishments; exploration
  • successes; building the workplace (corporate or academic)
  • Building the Geoscience Profession: 20% Commitment to APGNS and the profession; representation provincially, nationally and/or internationally, assisting Standards/Professional Practice Development;
  • Professional Geoscience Education/Promotion Service to the Community: 10 % Outstanding contributions to the well-being of the community

Exemplary Service Award

Purpose The purpose of this award is to reward exemplary service to the APGNS. This can be done by a continuous, long term service or by a major concerted effort for aparticular event or activity. Eligibility for the Award
  • All categories of membership (member, retired member, honourary life member, life member, member-in-training, license to practice member) are eligible for this award.
  • The person must be a member of the Association during the period of service and a current member at the time of the award.
  • A person cannot be nominated who has disciplinary proceedings initiated or pending against him or her.
  • Any member may nominate another member.
  • Serving Councillors, Executive Committee members and employees or contractors are non-eligible for the award but may nominate others.
Criteria for Selection
  • A nominated member must have evidence of exemplary long service or special service for a particular activity in his/her work for the Association.
  • Examples of work for long term service might be one or more of the following: member of Council, member of the executive committee, member of a special committee or task force, event organizer, and/or representative of the Association at national meetings of CCPG or other groups.
  • No amount of service time is implied by the award. The Award Committee may decide each year what they feel is the necessary amount of exemplary service.