Authorized Companies

Certificates of Authorization (CofA)
Updated October 20, 2021.

AECOM Canada Ltd
AMK Geoscience Ltd.
Anaconda Mining Inc.
Arc Geobac Group Inc
Atlantic Industrial Minerals/Roscan Gold
Atlantic Mining NS Corporation
Atlantic Water Investigations Ltd.
Atlantis Watershed Consultants Ltd
BGC Engineering
BGC Engineering Inc.
Burton Geological Exploration Inc.
Caledonia GeoConsulting Inc.
CBCL Limited
ClearView Geophysics Inc
CSR GeoSurveys Ltd.
Dillon Consulting Limited
Earthbound Eyes Consulting
earth-water Concepts inc
EFI Global Canada Inc.
Elements Environmental
Englobe (formerly LVM / Maritime Testing Ltd)
Enki GeoSolutions
Erin Gravel Consulting
Fracflow Consultants Inc
Fundy Engineering & Consulting Ltd
Georisk Environmental Solutions
GeoSpatial Strategy Group Inc.
Global Mineral Resource Services
Golder Associates Ltd.
Halle Geological Services Ltd.
Hudgtec Consulting Ltd
Hy-Grade Geoscience
McGregor Geoscience
Meguma Gold
Mercator Geological Services Ltd
Minnow Environmental Inc.
Morien Resources Corp.
New Road Resources Ltd.
Nordmin Engineering Ltd.
Northern Shield Resources
O’Kane Consultants
Pario Eng & Enviro Sciences
Pinchin Ltd.
Purearth Systems
Stantec Consulting Ltd
Stea Surficial Geology Services
Stevens Geophysics Inc.
Strum Environmental
Tower Resources Inc
VTX Consulting
W.G. Shaw & Associates
Wood plc (formerly AMEC)
WSP Canada Inc. (formerly Genivar)

Please contact the Registrar for confirmation of registration.